Janus Ag Finance provides special situation loans for commercial and residential real estate, facilities, farms and hemp redevelopment.  Loans are real estate based with alternative collateral such as accounts receivable and inventory  Interest rates are based on the risk category and may be higher than conventional rates. Janus has established relationships with a variety of hedge funds, private wealth funds, commercial banks and SBA.

The purpose of a bridge loan is to fund an immediate need to improve, expand, or transition with the intent of refinancing into a lower interest loan in 1 to 3 years. Payments can be interest only and interest reserve with up to 3 year term.  Minimum loan is $2MM. Minimum loan to value is 60%.

Acceptable Situations

Development and Acquisition – commercial, facilities, improvements, residential, construction, agricultural
Forbearance or Foreclosure Payoff
Debtor in Possession
Bankruptcy Take Out
Damaged Credit
Quick Close
Discounted Payoff
Debt restructuring
Flexible terms and structuring
Underwriting based on future income and repayment strategy
Non-recourse Loans
Operating loan combination
Large Loan Participation
Interest Only and Interest Reserve
Hemp and Other Recreational Bioproducts