Brokers Are Welcome!

Yes, we work with brokers! If you have limited experience with commercial agricultural loans – No Problem! We will be happy to assist you! The underwriting and processing of commercial farm loans is different than residential loans and typical commercial loans, and many brokers may not have the experience or time to understand all the nuances of agricultural lending.

The good news is that we will support your relationship with your client while we complete the loan from application to closing. Broker compensation varies depending on the type of loan, complexity of the file and market conditions. Your fees will be paid directly through the closing. Janus Ag Finance absolutely will not contact any potential client without your consent.

Brokers are consistently pleased with our level of expertise, communications, concern for their borrowers and compensation.


Each loan is unique. Pricing will vary widely depending on loan details. For this reason we do not post rates but are happy to share them with you.

  • Yes, we work with brokers!
  • No previous experience with commercial agricultural loans required
  • Fees paid through closing
  • We will never contact any potential client without your consent
  • Brokers are consistently pleased with our level of expertise and compensation

Loan Parameters

  • Full documentation of income
  • One credit score of at least 680
  • Total debt to asset may not exceed 50%
  • Cash flow available to service debt ranges from 100% to 130% depending on program
  • Maximum LTV is 55% on unimproved pasture and 70% on crop ground
  • Cash out is available

Prior to Calling

  • Choose the appropriate loan program
  • Pre-Qualify your loan as if you are the borrower
  • Check the box that indicates you are a broker in the Loan
  • Application Form
  • We will call you to discuss your loan but if you need immediate assistance feel free to call us directly

We will email specific documentation requirements after we contact you and are familiar with your loan

Non Circumvention Agreement

Janus Mortgage wants our brokers to know they will be paid when they bring a good customer to us. We are happy to provide a Non Circumvention Agreement to insure that all fees will be approved by our brokers prior to loan closing. After discussing the basic information about your loan and determining that there is a good fit for your borrower, please click here to print our agreement. Complete the form, fax it to Janus at 303-707-1324, and we will countersign the agreement and return it to you.