Janus Ag Finance specializes in real estate loans for the agricultural community with rates as low as 4.6%. There are no prepayment penalties on our loans, and we can provide you with cash out for improvements, paying down debt, or future planning. We offer the best products on the market including variable rate, adjustable rate, and fixed rate loans with conversion options and amortizations of up to 30 years. Our products are designed to fit your financial needs and enable you to grow your business.

We are uniquely positioned through our relationships with Farmer Mac a GSE (government sponsored enterprise), major financial institutions, insurance companies, and private lenders to get you the most advantageous program with the best rates available in the US.

You can benefit from our experience in putting together financing solutions for corporate and family owned farms. We understand complex financial structures as well as the nuances of family owned farms with multiple owners and unique situations. We know how to present your operation, history, and goals in the best light to get your loan approved at the best rate.

10-30 year amortization periods
Monthly, semi-annual, and annual payment options
Convertible to other programs on payment dates
No repayment penalty
Cash out available for improvements
Minimum loan amount $500,000
Up to 70% loan