Lending Process

As a nationwide lender based in Denver, Janus Ag Finance combines the efficiency of centralized processing with information from local professionals. While our loan officers are based at our corporate office, we utilize local appraisers and title companies that are convenient to you and are knowledgeable about your area. Our general process is outlined below.


Information Gathering (Discovery)


In order to properly evaluate your loan we need to understand your current and historical financial position. Our analysis is in depth and time consuming, however Janus Ag Finance does not charge a fee until your loan is closed.

We will request documents from you to begin creating your loan application. Below is a basic list, but we will email you a more specific request.

Required Documents

3 years of personal federal income tax returns
3 years of federal tax returns for any corporate entity that will be a signer on the loan
Most recent year of tax returns for any other entity where you have a 10% or greater stake
Personal financial statement of debts and assets (Balance sheet)
Signed Authorization Form which allows us to pull a credit report and work with your confidential information
Collateral legal description and or purchase contract


Once we have received your documentation, we begin to build your file. This requires rigorous analysis of your past, present and future financial information. We will also ask you questions about your operation and property. This information is used in the Narrative portion of your application.

Once the file is prepared, you will be sent the completed loan application for your review and signature. We are now ready to submit your file to underwriting.


Our underwriters are among the most highly regarded in the industry which means when they present your loan to the committee, it is almost certain to receive approval pending title and appraisal review.

lending process
lending process services


We will work with you to find a commercial farm appraiser in your area who has knowledge of the local market and your type of operation. A commercial appraiser determines the value of a property based on the improvement to the property, comparable sales in the area over the last year, and the income capacity of the property.


We work with a local title company, or your attorney, who will research the property, assist in easement work, issue title policy, and host the closing.

Rate Lock/Documents

Once the appraisal and title work are reviewed, your loan will receive final approval. At this time we will “lock-in” the interest rate for your loan. Closing documents are then drawn up and sent to your title company.


You may schedule the closing with your local title office at your convenience. An escrow agent will fully review the loan with you at this time. Your loan will fund within 24 hours of the signed documents being received.

  • We will work with you to gather Required Documents
  • We perform a rigorous examination to help you complete your Application
  • Our highly regarded Underwriters will present your loan
  • A local commercial farm Appraiser will evaluate your property
  • We will ensure that you have a clear Title
  • After final approval, your Interest Rate will be locked
  • Your loan will fund within 24 hours of Close