Our Approach

We take a personal, thoughtful and long-term approach to lending. Our goal is to solve the immediate problem but also to achieve long term financing at a competitive rate and term.

Understanding Your Goals

Whether you are an older person who is planning for retirement or conveyance of your land to your children or for a possible sale, or a young farmer seeking to expand who needs long term management and financing, we structure the loan to meet your goals.

Understanding Your Operation

Janus Ag believes that by understanding your operation’s challenges and successes we can deliver solutions that address your operation as a whole. As a banker who has spent hundreds of hours running tractors, combines, and caring for livestock, Bob understands what farming is all about both at the day to day level of hard work and the management level of proper financial planning. We will offer you the best combination of loan products to help you build your business.

Creating a Long Term Relationship

Our approach is built around a continuing relationship. We are constantly looking for the best ways to help out our existing clients by monitoring interest rate trends and providing the best financial products on the market. We have done loans in as little as a few days for borrowers who have good credit and income to a few years when we must restructure the whole operation to achieve financial stability.

No Up-front Fees

We believe a borrower should only pay loan fees when they have obtained a loan. We pre-qualify our clients and only accept clients who demonstrate the ability and intelligence to manage a modern farm. We do not waste your time or ours seeking financing that is not realistic and achievable.