Rural Property Loan


Janus offers 30-year financing for rural properties bigger than 5 acres and or properties that generate farm income. If you are looking for a farm home loan in a rural area, we provide loans designed for Hobby Farms and Country Estates. These properties do not qualify for residential financing by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

We understand that these properties may not generate significant income, so we rely on all sources of the borrower’s income to calculate our debt coverage ratios. This product is ideal for someone who makes a significant income in a nonfarm environment but wants the amenities of a home on a larger acreage in a rural setting. There are no restrictions for raising crops or livestock on these types of farm homes. 

We offer a wide range of loan options, from short-term variable rates to 30 fixed mortgages with monthly payments. When browsing the different options for a farm home loan, Janus AG Financing can assess and design the perfect solution based on your needs. 

We offer cash-out, no-prepayment penalties, and loans up to 70% of the total property value.