Whether you are buying more vineyard land, expanding your improvements, or refinancing your existing loan, Janus Ag Finance offers a wide variety of loan products and the expertise to create a financing package that will meet your vineyard’s specific goals. We offer rates as low as 4.6% for qualified borrowers and properties.

Our loans are securitized through Farmer Mac a GSE (government sponsored enterprise). With 35 years of experience in the lending industry, we understand that each farmer has unique financing requirements. Vineyards have seasonal income, so we offer semi-annual and annual payment options. Our wide range of products gives us the flexibility to combine variable and fixed rate loans to meet your specific cash flow and long-term needs. Winery facilities and residences are included in the real estate valuation, and we can lend up to 70% of this value.

Low interest rates
Up to 70% loan to value
Cash out
Loan amount $350,000-$21,000,000;
No repayment penalty
10 to 30 year amortization periods
Monthly, semi-annual, and annual payment options
Convertible to other programs on payment dates